Cameron Ridge Bungalows, the Jewel of the Cariboo Mountains,  offers fabulous hiking trails to rejuvenate your soul. Enjoy the serenity and peace of the wilderness. Take in the scent and sounds of the forest, hear the echo of your footsteps, enjoy the abundance and variety of flowers and vegetation, the diversity of birds, the magnificent trees, and the crystal clear glacier waters of the many creeks, streams, and lakes are all there for you to enjoy.  

Hiking Trails

Cameron Ridge to Nora’s Knob

An easy hiking trail taking in the view overlooking Mitchell Lake and Mitchell River. Continue up into the alpine to Nora’s Knob overlooking Quesnel Lake, which offers a spectacular view of the North Arm of the largest Fjord in North America.

Meadows in the Sky 

An amazing hike into the alpine! Open meadows with wildflowers scattered throughout, crystal clear lakes. A magical place. The trailhead is a short drive from Cameron Ridge Bungalows, the hiking trail itself takes a couple hours to the meadows.

Betty Frank’s Cabin

A natural mineral lick high in the mountains above Quesnel Lake where many a caribou may be spotted. Explore the old cabin of Betty Frank’s. This hike is a mile further through the Meadows in the Sky and will take a day to do.

Boomer Lake 

Hike from Cameron Ridge Bungalows up to a small lake shaped as a boomerang, hence the name. The view takes in Mt Spranger towards the east. This hike will take a day.

Skunk Cabbage, Old Growth Forest, the Slide

Hiking through the old growth forest amongst the giant Cedar, Douglas Fir, Englemann Spruce and Hemlock is indescribable. The serenity, the peacefulness of hiking amongst giants is memorable. The hiking trail takes you through a patch of skunk cabbage with enormous leaves rarely seen in the interior. The slide is an avalanche shoot, with beautiful wildflowers and vegetation. Eat lunch under a massive Cedar, where on occasion one can view grizzly bears, caribou, moose or black bear grazing or travelling through.

Other than the Cameron Ridge Hiking Trail, a guide will be required.

Experienced Hiking Guide $300/day

Spend the night, enjoy excellent meals, soak in the wood burning hot tub, enjoy your own private hot tub or private jet tub. Please visit theCabinsite for pricing.

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